Planning Your First Visit and What to Expect

First, expect a warm welcome at the sanctuary door. We are genuinely glad that you’re here! Come on in, bring your family, the service will begin shortly.

Promptly, at the top of the hour, Praise and Worship begins. Let go of your week and meet the Holy Spirit as we Worship his Holy Name. At this point of the service the Holy Spirit may manifest Himself through His gifts. His purpose is always for edification, exhortation, or comfort!

The Pastor then encourages us to greet one another. Mill about, say hello to the people that make up Massillon Victory Church.

 Each service includes a brief “sermonette” on giving before the offering is taken. Please don’t feel “compelled” to give. Give from a sincere heart, for “God loves a cheerful giver”!

The children are now released to go to Superkids. Children are very important at Massillon Victory Church! Superkids is a dynamic service designed to minister specifically to the needs of your children.

Now the teaching/preaching begins. Be prepared to expectantly receive the anointed Word that God has planned specifically for you! After the sermon there may be a brief time of ministry, if not, the service is closed in prayer.

Pick up your kids, say goodbye to your new friends, and head home prepared to live out God’s Word! Thank you so much for coming!! We pray we’ll see you back soon!!!